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Learn How-To Place & Position Your HandBand™
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What is the HandBand™?
Here's how to place the Hand Band™ on your device.
You can get additional installation tricks and ideas here.
Meet Tiffany Twist. Creator of the HandBand™
It's a band for your hand and a band for your phone.
One day a little while back, I took an elastic band off of a sweatsuit set I had purchased from a store in the mall. I’m sure everyone throws these away, but my crafty traits did not allow me to do that. I dislike that I sometimes keep weird and seemingly useless stuff but this circumstance might actually turn out. 🤓😉I somehow decided I would slip it around my phone case and have been wearing it that way ever since!

I can’t think of the number of times I’ve been so glad I don’t have to set my phone down in a public restroom. I just slip it onto my wrist, and when I wash - move it up a little more, because who knows what’s on those countertops! 

So, when thinking about the elastic band on my phone, just another boring product for the marketplace was the last thing I had in mind... Click here to learn what I did instead!
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